Childhood is meant to be a carefree, exciting time, full of fun and laughter, and good memories. When things go wrong, life gets stressful or throws a few twists and turns, as it sometimes does, choices and options can feel, and seem very limited.  The solution provided by Jepeca is to empower young people to make informed decisions by using their natural abilities.  This results in positive choices and the ability to confidently deal with challenges and changes.

The Jepeca programme predominantly works with social, emotional, behavioural or academic issues but not exclusively. It provides tools, techniques and strategies in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.

The sessions are structured yet tailored to the client’s individual needs, ability, comprehension and agenda.

The transition made during the programme is reflected in relationships, behaviours, confidence, self esteem, ability to achieve and recognise choices and options in all situations, plus a mindset that focus on solutions rather than problems whilst adapting a real zest for life – Happy, In-control and Productive.

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As the way you think and feel (your psychological approach) about any situation will determine your course of action and your outcome long before that situation manifests in your life, it makes sense to understand the process, how it all works. The Jepeca Programme enables young people to understand, develop and utilise the process.

Working on being proactive rather than reactive to what people say, productive rather than destructive with how you think and understanding what feelings and emotions have to do with anything, not only empowers the clients but also provides lifelong skills for a brighter, happier and peaceful future.



Katie Tyas – Jepeca Consultant

Katie is based in Hertfordshire.

Katie is passionate, motivated and driven.  Her expertise with people of all ages ensures that clients have an experience that will change their lives… forever.  Katie has worked as a Jepeca coach for many years.

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