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On Sep.06.2016, by Julianne

Here at Jepeca we are all too aware of the importance of happy young people. We are also aware that in order to have happy young people it helps to have a happy environment and happy parents! Life can sometimes distract us from the beauty that surrounds us, but in most cases a gentle reminder of simple yet effective techniques can reinstate the harmonious environment which results in well balanced, happy and productive relationships.

Many adults have asked me to share the secrets of Jepeca’s success. So taking fingers to keys I hope the following blogs will inspire, empower and enhance you and your relationships so that you can have the relationships you want within an environment you cherish with the people you believe deserve it.

And so to work…. My intention is to bring you on our journey throughout the coming academic year and share the challenges we find that young people, parents and professionals are facing.

But why listen to me?

Well, Jepeca is achieving 95% significant change (statistics on 399 young people in 70 schools) with our unique evidence based intervention. I hope that by sharing some of our findings, ideas and techniques that someone somewhere may find a solution and happiness.

I wrote ‘The Jepeca Way’ for those who want to know more about how the Jepeca programme works, unaware that it would help some directly by just reading it! Wonderful as it was to hear this I hope that by providing blogs, speaking, trainings, workshops and individual sessions I will be able to reach many more to help them to live a Happy life.

The majority of us were born with the ability to think and feel in a way that will influence our future. Remember your psychological approach (the way you think and feel) to change will affect your course of action and your outcome, long before that change becomes a reality. There in lies the answer.

I look forward to this academic year and all it has to offer and you never know it may include meeting you! I look forward to it.

Questions, thoughts and comments welcome… 🙂


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