On Nov.18.2016, by Julianne

Bullying is something that needs to be deal with on a national level. Statistics are everywhere yet people who are bullied are taking their lives, loosing confidence and missing out on life because other people have decided that they are going to use them to deal with their own sad, miserable and unhappy lives.  Happy […]

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NLP training 2017

On Oct.03.2016, by Julianne

Over this last year we have had several requests to provide NLP training.  I can happily confirm we have arranged dates for the beginning of next year.  If you are looking for a hands on, fun and life changing experience, look no further. At Jepeca we strive to inspire happiness and empower people so that they can […]

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And so it begins….Week 1

On Sep.16.2016, by Julianne

My thoughts as I process the first week of the Jepeca programme range from happiness and excitement to thoughts of sadness and frustration. I am very happy and excited to meet new people who are embarking on a journey that will almost definitely change their lives. Listening to the challenges that these young people face […]

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New Academic Year 2016/17

On Sep.06.2016, by Julianne

Here at Jepeca we are all too aware of the importance of happy young people. We are also aware that in order to have happy young people it helps to have a happy environment and happy parents! Life can sometimes distract us from the beauty that surrounds us, but in most cases a gentle reminder […]

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Two Awards for Jepeca

On Oct.25.2015, by Julianne

Julianne Hadden has won two awards in the Best Business Women Awards 2015.   Working with Children and Families and Best Business.   The judging panel included the sponsors and additionally business experts -Roma Bhowmick Senior Lecturer from University of Herts, Lesley Crisp Dacorum Borough Council and Sharon Gaffney from Wenta and Louise Yexley from WIBN […]

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Publication in Every Child Journal

On Oct.10.2015, by Julianne

Having worked with over 750 young people we know that the Jepeca programme is making a huge difference to not only our clients but to their family, friends and academic experiences!  This publication was published last year pre our Jepeca Statistics 2014 which shows we can be 95% confidant that any 7-24 year old that completes the […]

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November/December Workshops

On Oct.02.2015, by Julianne

  Empowering over 700 young people enables us to use our knowledge and experience to help you to help those that matter. Providing fast, simple, effective solutions that put you in control, of your days! No more stress, anxiety and worry! Issues such as transition, relationships, exams, confidence, self-esteem, behaviour, dealing with problems, bullying, stress, […]

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Training and Workshops

On Sep.24.2015, by Julianne

We now offer training and workshops for professionals and parents/carers.   Jepeca has worked with 695 young people to date and we have consolidated the information we have accumulated to provide informative useful sessions that will help you, help and support young people.  Over the years we have had many requests from parents, teachers and young people to […]

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399 Young people – 70 schools…

On Nov.14.2014, by Julianne

For full report click on this link Jepeca Statistics 2014 Jepeca is an evidence based intervention using proven statistical methods showing the Jepeca programme makes a significant difference to young people aged 7 to 24 years of age. Jepeca statistics show that the Jepeca programme makes a significant difference overall and in the following six key […]

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Panic Attacks

On Apr.01.2014, by Julianne

Panic attacks- a sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety. Sounds awful doesn’t it? One in 7 people in the UK suffer with excessive anxiety and teenagers are particularly vulnerable due to the speed at which their minds and bodies develop. This can and does lead to excessive fear in young people. I have […]

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