Julianne Hadden


Julianne Hadden

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Julianne is dedicated, innovative and inspirational.
  She created the Jepeca programme to empower people, especially young people, who are experiencing challenging situations, circumstances or environments.

Her passion is driven by her experience.  Determined to change the world, one person at a time, Julianne strives to empower people to make the changes they have to make or want to make in their lives.


Where it all began:

Julianne Hadden founded Jepeca in 2009. Her background in the National Health Service where she was a qualified nurse and midwife and in Education, where she practiced as a school nurse, gave her first-­‐hand experience of dealing with many professions including CAMHS, the police, schools, social services and child protection.

Having visibility of the processes supporting child protection was a turning point for Julianne. This experience allowed her to see how very little emotional support was given to vulnerable young people when faced with challenging situations, environments or difficult circumstances. She decided then that she wanted to be part of the solution and so Jepeca was born!

Along the way it became apparent that many adults needed just as much support as young people. Providing support and enabling them to

The Jepeca programme empowers people by enhancing their essential life skills and natural abilities so they can confidently deal with life’s challenges and make the changes that they have to or want to make. Resulting in Happy, in-control and productive individuals and members of society.


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