Hello and welcome to Jepeca.  We are a MULTI AWARD winning coaching and consultancy company inspiring Happiness and empowering people.  We provide fast, effective and measurable support and solutions.

We are an evidence based intervention and have the paperwork to prove it.  We can be 95% confident that any 7 – 24 year old who completes the Jepeca programme is likely to make a significant change.  Have a look for yourself Jepeca Statistics.  We have empowered over 1000 adults and young people with our unique techniques. 

As the founder of Jepeca it is my vision to have the Jepeca programme available to every individual, especially young people, so that they can be Happy, In-control and Productive individuals and members of society, regardless of their situation, environment or circumstance.  It is possible, it does work and we can HELP.

This is one of our most useful and successful tools… The Jepeca Cycle Simple, effective and helpful in all situations. Knowledge is power and power is empowering.  Let us show you how to support your environment.  As we say at Jepeca ‘wear your underpants on the outside’ be like superman and make a positive difference… it is the route to Happiness.

Happy people = a happy environment = increased productivity.  Win Win.

Join us and together we can and will empower the world – one individual at a time.




Why Jepeca…

- Evidence based empowerment programme

- Award winning company

- 95% Significant Change

- Emotional health and wellbeing support

- Worked with over 1000 people

- Worked in over 100 schools

- Consultancy available

- Training for professionals / companies

- Workshops for parents/carers

- Private sessions available

- Thought training and development training

- Emotional Awareness training

- Communication training

- Productivity and filter training

- We can work with other interventions

- Dedicated, passionate, professionals




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